Fraudster Client

The Fraudster - Professional Liability Claim

Medispa Insurance protects you for all types of unforeseen problems. Professional Liability covers your Medispa or Salon for problems beyond your control. Where you do your best, but to no avail, someone tries to take advantage of your good business practices. They take advantage making an unfounded claim, where they believe there is a potential for free services or money. In this example, a one-time or first-time client comes in with a plan. Make sure you have the Medispa Protection advantage to protect your business and your staff. Imagine this situation. A new client walks in or books an appointment the same day. You happen to have an opening. No one wants to turn away a new client. The client only wants one simple procedure (ex. Manicure, pedicure or facial). When they arrive, they act like they are in the middle of a crime, and to be honest, they are committing one. The client is vague about their health issues and avoids eye contact. During the procedure they complain about the service. At the end they ask to speak to the manager to complain about something. They may call after they depart to say there was a problem. Or worse, while leaving they trip or fall slightly. Why would they complain? You did everything correctly. They signed the release forms. You told them about post-care. Most of these fraudulent clients are looking mainly for a free service or perhaps a free second service. But some are there for a far worse reason. People trying to gain access to your insurance policy! They will then find a personal injury lawyer. The next thing you know you are receiving a lawsuit claim. When you have a patient like this, trust your instincts. Deny them service if something doesn’t seem right, especially if they are vague with the intake form. If not, make sure you document everything before and after the procedure. Also, if they try and have an incident right on your premises or start complaining about bodily injury, make sure you get professional medical help to with documentation and minimize the who said factor. Finally, make sure you call your insurance broker right away! The most common claim for a Medi-spa insurance policy is ignoring post-care procedures. An adverse reaction occurs while applying heat, using makeup, showering, or avoiding ointment. You will then get a lawsuit about eight months to a year later with all their suddenly well-documented information and medical expenses claiming your procedure caused them great harm and vastly reduced quality of life. The above are examples of insurance fraud. It can be an expensive crime. Your deductible will be much greater than what profit you will make from this treatment. Always have good business practices. Trust yourself. Most important make sure you have the Protection Advantage. Talk to your beauty insurance expert about Professional Liability Insurance. Protect your business investment against any form of fraud. Get the Insurance Advantage for your Medispa.