Affordable Medispa Insurance

Less expensive Medispa Insurance?  How? When you do something very well, repetitively, you get very good at it!  Our affordable price is possible because of experience at writing a multitude of beauty-related policies each year.  At Ives Insurance, we give your business the Beauty Insurance Advantage.


When you do something well, and you do it thousands of times, you get very good at it.  And when you get good at it, people start to notice.  In our case, that is the insurance companies start to notice, and they like what they see.


The beauty insurance industry in Canada is very small.  That is compared to home and car insurance.  Beauty insurance represents less than 1% of the annual premiums in Canada.  Plus there are only a handful of insurance companies that will insure some procedures in your niche market.  Not all would insure micro-needling or Botox technicians.  It is not uncommon for an esthetician to be trained in multiple techniques.  More beauty techniques require broader coverage.  Educating the insurance companies about beautician businesses and careers is our passion.


One of the main reasons medispas see high rates is the lack of bundling.  Let’s discuss your technicians first as an example.  One of your estheticians starts off with a basic insurance policy costing $750.00.  A year later, decides to add waxing for an additional $250.00.  Add taxes and fees and the policy is now over $1,000.00.


With the Beauty Insurance Advantage, a different approach is taken with our Beauty Insurance Packages. We bundle services together for the same cost.  Your technicians can choose over ten basic services for one low price.  These can be a variety of services.  Mani/pedis, facials, waxing, hairstylist/barbers, facials, teeth whitening, chemical peels, eyelash extensions, eyebrow tinting, makeup, sugaring, microdermabrasion, etc.  Technicians performing an advanced treatment only pay $100.00 more. For three advanced treatments they pay only $200.00 more.  We work with you and your beauty technicians to make sure all your treatments are covered correctly.  We make sure we cover them with the lowest possible premium.  Have your subcontractors read more.


We have done the same with Medispa Insurance Packages. We know each medispa is unique providing different services.  You also may work differently with your technicians.  We work to understand your business plan to make sure we provide you the best Insurance Package at the lowest  premium for YOUR Medispa Business.  Using the right insurance companies allow us to be more competitively priced.  We educate the insurance companies about your business and work with them in your best interest.  All underwriters know how to insure a home or a car.  Most may know how to write a small business.  It takes specialization to understand and insure micro needling or botox injections.  If they don’t understand your business, they can’t underwrite it correctly.  This seldom means the best price.  

The Ives Advantage Medispa Program has a great partnership educating the insurance companies about the beauty industry.  Our beauty insurance expert stay updated on new technologies in your industry.  Brokers, brokerage and insurance companies work together to give your business the insurance advantage.

Imagine an insurance brokerage with thousands of estheticians and beauty professional clients.  Add to that knowledgeable beauty insurance brokers that work with hundreds of medispa and small beauty businesses.  All working in one brokerage that has custom workflow, training and technology.  Ensuring that only Canadian wide insurance companies with specialized, beauty knowledge are used.  You and your business now have a very expert knowledgeable team at the ready.  All working to give you the medispa business protection advantage you need.


So why are we so much less expensive?  We are excellent at what we do and we love doing it!  We take time to talk to all of our clients via cell phone, email or text.  It is up to you how and when you want to connect.  Give Chris, your Beauty Insurance Expert, a call at 226-641-0777 and ask about your Business Insurance Advantage.

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