IMPORTANT: Hyaluron Pen Update

Health Canada has advised that the sale of Hyaluron Pen pens may pose a health risk effective September 13, 2019.  Health Canada’s website is available for more information. 

These pens are used for cosmetic skin treatments.  This may include wrinkle reduction or increased lip volume. Health Canada has not authorized any of these devices for sale in Canada.  They have stated the pens have not been evaluated for their effectiveness, safety, or quality. Health Canada advises it is illegal to advertise for sale, import for sale, or sell medical devices in Canada. Health Canada advises that some of the potential risks may include inflammatory skin reaction, staining of the skin, infection and collection of blood outside a blood vessel.

Consumers are advised not to buy or use needle-free dermal filler devices.  Also, not to receives services using these devices at spas or from an Esthetician. If you have already received a treatment, consult a healthcare practitioner if you are concerned about your health.

Health Canada has contacted a number of companies about the Hyaluron pen.  These including importers, distributors and manufacturers.  They have been advised that these devices, in this form, are illegal. Health Canada continues to contact and advise suppliers as well Estheticians in the provinces and territories.

Updating will be posted here as they become available from Health Canada.

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