Top 10 Reasons to Buy Medi-spa Insurance

All estheticians and spa owners need to purchase a professional and general liability insurance policy to protect their beauty businesses. With all beauty procedures there is a risk of accidents causing potential insurance claims; procedures such as mani-pedi, facials, laser hair removal, micro-blading, tinting, waxing, sugaring, etc. and even hairstyling. Our beauty insurance policy is designed using expertise, insurance industry knowledge, and client feedback. Individual estheticians, beauty professionals, small and large med-spas or salons all need protection. Get the right beauty insurance protection at the right price. Individual policies start at $45 per month and Day Spas at $79 PER month. Always adapting to the beauty industry to ensure you have the insurance Advantage to meet your needs through knowledge, expertise, and technology. The following 10 reasons will give you more information, but always make sure you are using a licensed Registered Insurance Broker in Ontario (RIBO). You can reach one at

Here at the top 10 reasons to buy beauty insurance. 

(We have used examples for Estheticians Beauty Insurance Policies but these would include Hairstylists, Barbers, and anyone working on beauty procedures for their clients.)

  1. Everybody works on the side: Whether it is your first year or the 15th year in business, there are always opportunities to pick up extra work or help a friend. I know of two people that do all kinds of work on nights or weekends. They work for cash, and it is their play money or travel money. What neither of them realized that since they were employees of a spa, they had no professional liability coverage or general liability coverage is protecting them. The spa policy will only respond to claims under their professional and general liability insurance policies that arise out of the operation of the business. Since the services that these two are providing were neither booked through the spa or the money paid to the spa claims are not covered. I do admit that claims are rare and that these are probably your friends and family you are working on, but things happen that are out of your control. You need to have an esthetician professional beauty insurance policy Read on to see what I mean.
  2. Claims happen: I know some friends of mine have never had a car accident (much less a speeding ticket) in over 30 years. They are always harping at me as to why their car insurance is so high, and I respond to them accidents happen. (6% of drivers have some claim each year). We all know stories of how other hairstylist or esthetician that have had a bad situation, and some of these claims can (and do) lead to an insurance claim. Bad infections from a set of tools that you thought were sterilized but weren’t. A sudden sneeze during a microblading session and someone almost loses an eye. Sure, you think it is their fault because they sneezed, but that does not matter. What matters is that a lawyer will write up a suit with phrases like “knew or should have known a sneeze could occur” or “the defendant failed to properly advise the plaintiff of proper procedure”. Claims such as these do happen and people do win their suite regularly. Besides the stress of the lawsuit, there is the cost. The average lawyer in Ontario is over $500 an hour (ouch). If you only needed one reason to buy You need to have an esthetician professional beauty insurance policy for professional and general liability insurance, it would be “peace of mind.” It cost less than a coffee a day (and I am talking about Tim Horton’s, not Starbucks).
  3. You’re the victim: Not all claims are your fault. In fact, in many claims, you’re the victim. There are so many things that can happen during your day where you can get caught up in a problem. Did you ever see or eat a bad oyster? Well, regularly, it happens. The restaurant did not grow the oyster; they did not process it or even deliver it. All they did was shuck it and put it on a bed of ice. If you get sick from it who do you blame? The restaurant- right?  What happens when you get a bad batch of Botox or shampoo and don’t know it. It is not your fault it was bad, but you used it. How about a hairdryer or straightener that shorts out and sparks go flying all over your client and that plastic cape you just put on them? You did not make the straightener, but you were using it. You see, in today’s litigious society, clients are suing more than ever before for things that were unheard of 10 years ago, and professional and general liability insurance policies are responding more than ever. I agree the above instances were probably not your fault, but you can sure bet you will be named in the lawsuit. A writ will name you, the owner of the spa, the distributor of the straightener, and the manufacture or the straightener. Just like the above, a suit will go something like this “knew or should have known the straightener was faulty.” Make sure to protect yourself you have You need to have an esthetician professional beauty insurance policy
  4. General liability is more important. Every business has general liability (also known as commercial general liability or CGL), but not everyone has professional liability (also known as malpractice or E&O insurance). So why is a commercial general liability insurance policy more common (and important)? It’s kind of the “catch-all” coverage for an injury you cause to someone else or property damage you cause to a third party. The most common form or claim is slip and fall. We all live in Canada and we all suffer through the ice and snow that comes with a Canadian winter. Yes, a poorly shoveled parking lot and sidewalk is the culprit and not your responsibility, but if you work out of your house, IT IS your responsibility. Even if your client is wearing 4-inch heels in an ice storm, and she lands on her butt, you have at least some responsibility. What if I don’t own the building? Well then, you are on for the interior (think slippery floors from people tracking in the snow all day, or a busy day and someone leaves a bunch of towels on the floor.) What if I just rent my chair? What if someone slips on that floor when you are waling that little old lady from the sink to the dryer?  Commercial general liability insurance doesn’t have to be only when someone is injured; claims are caused just as often when you cause the damage to someone else’s property. You have just finished your last client and its 8:30 on a Friday night. She wanted her hair straightened, so after 20 minutes of fussing you finally get it right, and you are in so much of a hurry you forget to turn the straighten off. Sometime during the night, it starts a small smoldering fire, and within minutes the place is full of smoke. Now there is damage to your station, the spa and the unit next door. The CGL will take care of the landlord’s damage to the building shell and the unit next door, and the owner’s contents insurance should take care of the smoke and water damage to the Spa. Have you ever heard of someone filling a sink and leaving the tap on to go and answer the phone or worse yet go home for the night? I have had seen both types of claims. So Commercial general liability insurance is VERY important and that is why we are offering an exclusive esthetician professional beauty insurance policy. If you are a subcontractor (as the commercial says) “don’t leave home without it!”. Not sure what the different policies mean, please check out the definition page on our website.
  5. Protect your assets: Are you limited or incorporated? (probably not!) If you are, that is great. That means you have a layer of protection between you and a lawsuit. If you don’t – well – everything you own is exposed. Without beauty insurance (professional and general liability) you may be responsible for all damages and expenses. Remember the fire above or the slip and fall? Insurance is the best way to go. A comprehensive beauty policy will provide coverage for professional mishaps, and general liability will cover for all the other types of liability claims. Limits start at $1,000,000 for each coverage and options for $5,000,000 are available. Brokers like those selling Esthetician Beauty Insurance Policy have done their homework on your business needs and even offer monthly payments to make it affordable.
  6. Employers expect it: If you are a subcontractor virtually every employer will expect you to Beauty Insurance. It is just like you have a corporation. It puts a layer of protection between the client and the owner of the spa. In the event of a claim the spa owner will be drawn into it, but your policy will respond first as the individual that caused the claim. The spa owners’ insurance policy will protect the owner and his business from any defense and responsibility they may have. You must make sure you are protected and covered with an esthetician beauty insurance policy.
  7. Job flexibility: Your beauty insurance policy follows you and is customizes to you and your services. It also allows you to be portable. You can work one day at the King Street spa and the next day at the Queen Street spa. You can work out of your house, provide services to your friends & family, and even volunteer at the local nursing home.
  8. You own the policy AND you control it: Since you are your own boss, you need your beauty insurance policy with Professional and General Liability Insurance. It is certainly in the realm of possibilities that you may move from one spa to another spa and not be on the best of terms with the original spa. What if someone comes back at you for sudden hair loss, skin cancer, or some other strange occurrence. Do you think the original spa is going to come to your rescue? Hopefully yes, but you don’t want to risk your financial security. Most policies issued these days are written on a “claims made” format meaning if current or old spa goes bankrupt there is a good chance their insurance will expire as well. By having your own policy, you control it. No one can cancel it, remove coverages and you are protecting yourself, your finances and your employment security with your own esthetician beauty insurance policy.
  9. Separate limits with lower or no deductible: With your own personal policy, you have your own separate limits of insurance. With a business spa policy that only has a $1,000,000 limit; that limit is shared with ALL the employees. And once it is used up, it is all gone. Some policies also have one limit to cover both professional liability insurance and general liability insurance. Ask you, broker or spa owner, if their coverage has a shared limit. If it does, that’s okay, just buy a $2,000,000 limit esthetician professional beauty insurance policy that ensures you have $2,000,000 per claim to protect yourself.  As with car insurance where you have a collision or comprehensive deductible, you can often choose your own deductible when it’s your policy. It is not uncommon for a professional liability policy to have a $2,500 deductible. Talk to your broker to ensure you know what your deductible is and how it will affect the cost of your premium for your beauty insurance policy.
  10. The right coverage. The industry generally divides beauty policies into two categories. The first being Basic policies for Esthetician, Barbers/Hairstylists that include haircuts/shaves, Mani/Pedi/Artificial Nails, Body Wraps, Ear Piercing, Eyelash Extensions, Eyebrow/Eyelash Tinting, Makeup, Waxing/Sugaring, and Microdermabrasion. The second category is for advanced esthetician procedures like Laser hair removal, Injectables and Microblading. If your services are not listed on the Spa owner’s Beauty Insurance policy, it is probably not covered. Almost all the advanced services (Laser hair removal, Injectables, Microblading) have an additional charge. Just because you work at the spa or rent a chair and/or on contract, does not mean the spa owner has the right coverage.

Talk to your broker at beauty insurance to ensure you have the correct coverages to protect your business advantage.

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